In Case You Missed It: Bataan Memorial Hike

[Feb 16-21]

Hey all! This week only had one event buuut we also started PCN practices! wootwoot


So this is how it went down. We met up around 7:45AM at the ATMs. A lot of members, ranging from interns to returning to new, slowly appeared. We then split everyone into groups with one driver each and then headed out to Castle Rock. We met up at the trail’s starting point and began with an ice breaker! We first introduced ourselves and then played a game of bang. Afterwards, we ventured off to the right path and INTO THE WOODS. There were five stops and at every stop, the CoPoCos, Jerico and Kristine talked about the Bataan Memorial Hike. The information they shared surprised many of us. Winding roads. stairs. hella rocks. poison ivy. lunges. hella trees. Overall, the hike was pretty interesting. We went in a circle instead of going back and seeing the same things. pretty cool. No one got hurt. heh.



KAAMP Revealing Week is happening! The flyer pretty much says it all.

Akbayan Basketball Tournament FlyerAkbayan’s Inaugural Basketball Tournament is happening this weekend! Check it, Check it, Check it outttt!


PCN MANDATORY MEETING IS ON MARCH 2nd AND 3rd. It is required to go to at least one of them if you want to stay in PCN. OR ELSE YOU’RE GONNA GET CUT



11001857_943315739035210_1178768326821692365_nAlso, you may start paying for your PCN cast fee this week. From now to March 8, the cast fee goes up to ~*$70*~ ohnnoOOoOOOOo. So pay it as soon as you can!

if you’re reading this, then hi c: pls like the FB link if you have read all the way.





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