In Case You Missed It: Spring Open House & Kick Off Picnic

[Jan 26 – 31]

Welcome back to a new year and a new semester! Hope y’all had an awesome winter break and are ready for what’s in store for you guys this spring.


This week was Rush Week! Each day had a specific theme that would hype up current and potential members to go to our Open House. For this week only, we tabled between the Event Center and the Bricks. Our hash tag for the weetossbacktuesdayk was #AkbayanSOH2015!

To start off the week, we had #treatyoself Monday. People were welcomed to grab a lollipop which came with a raffle ticket depending on the color of the end of the stick. People were able to win up to three tickets. Tuesday was #tossbacktuesday. Members would post a picture of their favorite PCN like the one on the right. If they haven’t participated in PCN, they could also post their favorite Akbayan memory and  were able to toss our Caroline-made bean bag into a bowl for a chance to get a raffle ticket. Wednesday was Social Media Cut Out Day. Everyone was welcomed to take a picture with our Instagram cutout and post it on their Instagram. Thursday was Akbayan Appreciation Day. Anyone wearing Akbayan apparel wear were able to spin the wheel to win up to TEN tickets. ooOoo0ooh. Tickets were used for the raffle at Open House. Prizes included a happiness-filled t-shirt combo of past Akbayan shirts.


Open House was on Thursday! This year, Spring Open House was held at the SU theater. Seats were filled with a lot new and familiar faces. We started off with a welcoming introduction from our PresidANNt and then showed our cab video to the attendees. The theme for our video was The Hunger Games so go check it out! You don’t even have to open a new tab because it’s right here! woo. 

and while you’re at it, watch this yea’rs PCN trailer. Check it! Check it!

~subscribe to our YouTube for upcoming videos~

The 38th Element entered the room and flung shirts towards the crowd.Cabinet members were then introduced, one position at a time. Raffles of the super cool t-shirt pack combo were sprinkled in between some introductions. But not only raffles, but also ice breakers. The first ice breaker was Telephone. starting from the left of the room, cab members would whisper a phrase in the ear of the first person and then that person would then relay that message to the person to them until it reaches to the end of row. The phrase that was used was “Cheers to 27 years of PCN”. The second ice breaker was Massage Chair. That one was the best. Other than cab members being introduced, Nick Bell from DSP and Alpha Kappa Omicron came out to talk about the amazing events and such that they offer. We ended the night with signups to our wonderful programs that we offer.

Thanks Tri-Force for coming to our event :^D


Check it! Spring Kick Off Picnic was this Saturday and it was hosted by Nicholas Yurong. Free food. Dogs. Board games. Basketball. The event started at 11AM at Flickinger Park. Hot dogs and burger buns were ablazed. Dogs were very much welcomed at the event. There was a super good amount of people that came to hang out either at the picnic tables, playground, or basketball courts. We played two ice breakers: I Love My Neighbor and Bird on the Perch. Weather was nice.

IMG_4616Also! An alumni has been spotted! Andy Aganad, Co-Founder of Akbayan, came through to the picnic. Thank you for showing up! It was a delight to hear your story on how you tried to get signatures to get the club started. Stay awesome.



Spring INFO Night IG

Itching to know more about KAAMP & PCN? Go to Info Nights! If you plan on participating in either KAAMP or PCN this semester it is mandatory to attend either info nights. For more information, contact Sandro Engo ( or Mia Guevarra (! Check out the Facebook event page to stay updated!


Come out with Akbayan’s cabinet and grab a bite to eat and then some at Sweet Tomatoes on Coleman. Join us after info night February 3. Fundraising is happening from 5:00PM to 8:00PM.BUT WAIT! You MUST bring a copy of the flyer on the day of. Please stop by the table and pick one up or print out a copy from this link! Check out the Facebook event page for more information

Anakbayan General Workshop IG

Come join us for our 1st Spring General Workshop of the semester by getting acquainted with Anakbayan of Silicon Valley and learn about their purpose within our community along with the various programs they have to offer like campaign Project Flame and exposure/relief trips to the Philippines. Click here for the FB event page.

Bataan Memorial Hike IG

Join us as we hike through Castle Rock State Park to commemorate the many Filipino and American soldiers that lost their lives on the long perilous march. For people who need rides we’ll be meeting at the ATMs at 7:30 , leave around 8 and be there around 8:45. We will probably start hiking around 9:00 so if you plan on driving to Castle Rock then please try to also arrive at 8:45.
**You must turn in the following waiver before you can participate. Waivers can be found at the table or at this link!
If you need a ride please contact Kristine or Jerico at Click here for the FB event page.

Akbayan Basketball Tournament Flyer

DO YOU LIKE BASKETBALL?Akbayan SJSU welcomes you to participate in our 1st Inaugural invitational basketball tournament.  .This is a pay to play tournament. Pricing and descriptions can be found in the packet that will be sent out. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Coalition for Filipino Veterans. If you are interested in participating, post your email on the FB event page and we will send you the information packet regarding the tournament. Feel free to invite your friends/family to participate in this tournament! DEADLINE TO SEND IN YOUR PACKETS AND MONEY IS FEBRUARY 6TH!

INTRAMURALS: Interested in playing basketball or volleyball just for the hayhayhay of it? Email Nick Yurong at

ANO? Check out this month’s ANO?! Interested in being a part of our General Member of the Month or have a friend that has a special talent and would like it to be on the ANO?? Email us at!

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT! Check out the Alumni Spotlight tab every week to find out and learn more about our alumni. Interested in being in the spotlight? Email Ray Baltazar at


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