In Case You Missed It: Open Mic, Holiday Desserts Gen Workshop, & Winter Formal

[Dec 1 – 6]

Hello, everybody!  Last week, we hosted the last fun-filled events of the semester.


We started the week off with Open Mic. It’s not just any Open Mic but Akbayan’s first ever Lip-sync edition!! We also brought Open Mic back to the Spartan Memorial. It was a pretty good turnout. Most of the pews were filled and a lot of the participants actually sang while a few people lipsync’d and even danced a bit. Actually, there was a little bit of everything. Singing, dancing, spoken word, and even impressions.



On Thursday, Bernice hosted the 5th general workshop of the semester on Holiday Desserts. The room was super filled up which was pretty cool. We started it off with a guest speaker, John Salangsang! He offered students opportunities and help in seeking internships that could help them in the long run. After he talked, Heidi and Caroline demonstrated how to play the ice breaker, Face the Cookie. Basically, you put a cookie, an Oreo in this case, on the top of your forehead and try to make it into your mouth by using just your facial muscles. The room was split in half for the first round. On the left side, Nea Ignacio won and on the right side, it was Justin Galvez. For the second round, Justin and Nea went head to head. It was intense, yet amazing. In the end of the bout and fallen cookies, Nea won! wootwoot. Not only did she win the game, she also won the new general member t-shirt that was supposed to be shown at Winter Formal! Whatwhat? Yup. That’s right. If you went to the gen. workshop, you’ve seen what the new gen member shirt looked like. amazing? yes. Two more shirts were given out throughout the workshop to those who paid attention and answered Bernice’s questions which were on holiday desserts. Another activity was played called Pinoy Henoy. If you don’t have any clue to what Pinoy Henoy is, watch the video below:

For this activity, the room was then split in half again and members volunteered to go up with a piece of paper with a dessert written on it. Volunteers went head to head to see who could guess the dessert first. After a couple rounds were played, Bernice then explained desserts that were more Filipino-Americanized and then another round of Pinoy Henoy was played. The members that participated in the event were in for a treat at the end of the workshop thanks to Raymond Baltazar’s mom who made some goodies such as, pitchi-pitchi and cassava cake. Not only were there those desserts, but the one and only Bernice made leche flan! OooOoO

Winter_Formal-146WOWOWOW! So Winter Formal happened on Friday. If you took pictures at the photobooth, check out the Flickr. There was an all-you-can-eat dinner which was pretty bomb. The cookies were probably the best things there. The Dragon Interns were introduced! They entered the stage on both sides, boys on one side and girls on the other. They slithered in like dragons and then performed and super cute dance! Super. Super. Cute. toocute. Aaaaan then awards were given out! The first three awards were for the general members of the monthsss. Justin Galvez was given the award for General Member of the Month of September. He joined internship and participated in many of our events. He’s more known for his spoken word in the first open mic which made him stand out the most. Selena Flores was given the award for General Member of the Month of October. She went to all the events and even helped host the Candlelight Vigil! Gerard Manay was given the award for Gen Member of the Month of November. He would show up to the events and even offered to help out even when he wasn’t asked to. The End of the Semester Recap video was then shown. FG awards were then given out! Games MVP was Jordan Madarang, SPUF MVP was Mitchell Varian, Roll Call MVPs were Audrey Reyes and David Le, and finally the FG All-Star went to Cassidy Tarng. The FG withdrawals video was then shown. If you haven’t seen it then check it out here!The new Games coaches and SPUFmaster was also announced that night. To end the awards, the King and Queen for the night were announced which were Cassidy Tarng and Mia Richelle Cruz Guevarra! OooOooOo

FullSizeRender (2)Kevin Truong won this semester’s AK Assassins! This is how it went down. On Thursday (December 4th), Kevin Truong and Justin Galvez decided to have one final duel in front of the table which was in the SU. There were no safe zones. Witnesses didn’t count as saves. Spoon against spoon. It was every man for himself. Anyways, Galvez anxiously paced back and forth in front of the table. He watched all entrances and even the second floor just in case Truong was gonna surprise attack him from above. The antsy Galvez saw a familiar grey backpack on a guy that was wearing a gray hoodie and sunglasses. Without hesitating, Galvez zipped through a crowd of people and stabbed the guy with his spoon to find out that it wasn’t Truong. Disappointed and embarrased, he ran back to the table and went back to being on the lookout. A couple minutes later, he got distracted while talking to friend and became very chill. Little did he know, Truong walked by with the same outfit as the guy that Galvez stabbed earlier and went in for the kill. Galvez was to slow to react and died by the table. Such an elaborate plan. Congratulation, Kevin Truong. That was a cool assassination to watch. Happy Christmas.


:-) wahoo! see y’all in the spring!


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