In Case You Missed It: PCN Info Nights, Pil Vs. Pil-Am GW, & SOMA

[ Nov 3rd-8th ]

Hey y’all! Last week was full of fun-filled informative events.


On Monday and Tuesday, we had our PCN info nights which introduced the general members to the PCN core and aspects.  If you went to the 2nd info night, then you heard Mia talk about the time period that the story will take place. Check out the video above to find out what PCN means to some of the PCN core members! :^D


On Thursday, the Pillars, Nick, Jerico, Kristine, & Bernice, hosted the Pilipino Vs. Pilipino-American workshop. The workshop started out with an ice breaker that intern Jeren helped out with called Four Corners. Attendees were asked how they identify themselves as and were given four choices: Filipino, Filipino-American, American-Pilipino, or American. Gen. and cab members went to a corner that they identified themselves as and discussed within their groups why they chose that identification. Groups then came together as one group to talk about the difference between Filipino-American and American-Filipino. Members came up with various answers to this question and to the other questions which were ‘the stigma and drawbacks’ and ‘white-washed vs. FOB(BOBA)’. We also talked about hometowns and the presence of Filipinos within their hometowns and other towns that aren’t as heavily Filipino-influenced. The workshop was then ended with an activity called Connect the Dots. Members were given a minute to connect all 9 dots which gave the lesson that peeps should think outside the box.

After the workshop, we walked over to the 7th St fountain for the Candlelight Vigil. The Vigil was for the one year anniversary Typhoon Haiyan. Candles were passed out and members gathered around in a circle to talk about the damage and causalities that happened during the typhoon. We closed the vigil with Isang Bagsak, a unity clap. One person would first start out with a slow clap which is supposed to represent the rhythm of the heartbeat. The slow clap would then increase in tempo, others would join in, and the clap would end with the first person yelling out “Isang” and the others in the group finishing it by yelling “Bagsak”.

The APM Auditions happened later that Thursday, as well! About 70-ish people showed up to either audition or just dance. Results came out today . Check out the tweet below to see if you made it or not. Results are shown according to the number given out at the audtions. Follow them  on their Twitter Instagram, and add them on Facebook to stay updated!

SOMA Tour-0537

On Saturday, we traveled to the lands of SoMa(South of Market in SF) and met up with SFSU and CSUEB (AKA Triforce) at the Bayanihan Community Center.We walked around SoMA and stopped at the historic Filipino sites. After the tour, we did a fun icebreaker with Triforce to get to know each other better. We played a game like Captain’s Coming but a Harry Potter version. Pretty interesting. Check out the Flickr for pictures from the Tour and the Bayanihan website if you want more information about it.



tshirt design contest


The T-shirt Design Contest for the general member shirt is still going on! Send Media your design(s) at BEFORE NOV 17th.

B2B3-GOCUAAaRKsKAAMP Thanksgiving is this Friday! Come out with your fam to the Roosevelt Community Center. There with be food, an open mic, and a photobooth!

AKASSASSINFLYERAK Assassins are happening! Nick Yurong will be sending your targets soon via text. If you don’t know how to play, check out the video below!

WINTER FORMAL IS HAPPENING ON DECEMBER 5TH! Got a date but no money? or just wanna go for free?orwellgetreimbursed. Weeeelll you should enter Akbayan’s winter formal video contest! Your video should be no longer than 3 minutes and it should be your winter formal proposal. Send your video to before November 28!

if you read this WHOLE post, go to the table and give an intern a pat on the back.


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