In Case You Missed It: FRIENDSHIP GAMES!!!

[OCT 19-25]

Welcome back ghosts and ghostbusters! Are you having FG withdrawals yet? Well for those who didn’t know, AkbayanSJSU participated in the 29th annual Friendship Games down in CSU Fullerton. You’ve probably seen it all over Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook. Check out the hashtag, #SJSUFG2014 like the one below:


About 55 people rode the bus while others carpooled all the way down to Fullerton. After everyone was settled down in their hotel rooms, a midnight meeting was held….at 10PM. The Games coaches, SPUF leaders, and Roll Call directors pumped up about 250 ghosts at the Shera-Hilton parking lot. We even got a noise complaint woooooooooo. Roll Call showcased their set and SPUF showed us their skit with the help of Roll Call directors. Roll Call directors even had their own theme which was Subway! WHAT KIND OF BREAD YOU WANT? To end the night, shirts were passed out and each aspect had their own little meeting.


We woke up around 5:30AM to get ready by either taking a shower or putting on makeup. At 7AM, we arrived to the CSU Fullerton Parking Lot C and parked at the very top. We rolled deep to CSU Fullerton that we were put to the side for registration.But that’s okay because that’s when people learned the cheers. Everyone stayed in character and SPUF’d while waiting to get in. After everyone went through registration, we set up our canopy and put all our bags, boxes of granola bars, and cases of water bottles in that area and rushed to the stage to cheer on Roll Call. There was HELLA time to kill before Roll Call started so we warmed up our SPUFin’ with the schools around us like UOP’s Kilusan. Roll Call performed third after Fullerton and Northridge. We stayed for a bit to support Triforce before going out to SPUF with schools. So much SPUF. SO MUCH.

FG-9967Good job to all the SPUFers for staying in character and working with all the cheers that were thrown to them. #BLESSED i always missed that part…  There were a lot of awesome costumes! For example:

FG-0017  FG-9525

Shoutout to our Social Chair, Nick, for wearing the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man until like halftime on a blazin’ hot day.

Games team practiced on the side while SPUF team SPUF’d and it paid off. We placed at least the top three in every game so GOOD JOB GAMES TEAM! Y’ALL WERE SUPER AMAZING OUT THERE ESPECIALLY ALPINE AND CONVEYOR BELT AND NASTY AND GROUNDHOG. Oh wait that’s all of them. :^) Although we didn’t bring home a trophy, everyone had HELLA fun for their first or last FG.

Check out the Flickr for pictures from FG!

Although it was a jam-packed Pil-Am History Month, IT’S NOT OVER YEEEET!!!!! Check out the hella cool events/announcements below:



the sisters of Alpha Kappa Omicron will be hosting a Pilipina Empowerment workshop. Please come out and show them your support!

candlelight vigil

To support the SJSU Greek community and Delta Sigma Phi, we’d like to show our support and condolences to all the brothers of DSP and Chi Lam’s family. Please come out to their candle vigil and donation table all week! #spartanstrong #PrayForChi

Click here to support the Chi Lam Fund


Do you like to dance, sing, act, and/or do band stuff? Check out our PCN Info Nights on Nov 3rd and 4th and meet this year’s PCN core!!!!


SOMA Ethnotour is on November 8.

Interested in partaking in this adventure through historic Filipino sites in SF? Email Bernice Ignacio at or sign up at the table! If you’re interested in driving and able to bring people with you, please email Bernice!

Check out the FB Event page here!


On November 6, Pillars will be hosting the Pil-Am/Pilipino General Workshop! Check it out at DMH 149B from 5-6PM!



We are holding a General Memeber T-shirt Design Contest!!!!


1.Must have AkbayanSJSU and the school year on it

2. Can only have 1-2 colors

3. Must be sent as a .pdf or .ai

Please send your designs to Media at

If you read everything in this post, go to the table and give a cab member a hug :^)


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