In Case You Missed It: OPM Workshop, Norcal Picnic, & KAAMP Revealing Week!

[Sept 21- Oct 3]


On September 25, we had our 2nd general workshop on OPM. OPM stands for Original Pilipino Music. We started the general workshop off with an ice breaker called Human Jukebox! We split up the general and cab members into three groups and the way that the ice breaker works is that the groups are given one word they have to think up of songs that have that word in it. Also, the whole group has to sing it! And a song can only be used once. After the ice breaker, Bernice and Nicholas shared their information they had on OPM. Gen members also gave their input on OPM like how OPM gives off a lot of nostalgia or how it reminds them of their parents. There were songs that had dancing involved such as, Otso-Otso and Pamela One which were taught by Bernice, Nick, and Christian Villanueva! At the end of the workshop, the general members learned the significance of preserving OPM.

If you missed out on this general workshop and want to go to the next one, check out our next one this Thursday!

DCIM101GOPROOn September 27, about 25 Akbayan members drove over to Buri Buri Park for NorCal Picnic. NorCal picnic is an annual event that is hosted by CSU Fullerton PASA KAIBIGAN. Schools such as, SFSU, CSUF, and Sonoma State came together at Buri Buri Park to hang out, play games, and create friendships! It was a cool way to meet other schools before Friendship Games. Too bad Angel wasn’t there. BUT REESE WAS THERE. YAY FOR REESE



KAAMP Revealing Week happened last week (9/29-10/2)! We moved the table to the Art Quad just for this event. On Monday, Kuya/Ates left their clues/gifts at the table before 12PM. After 12PM, adings were able to pick up their gifts BUT there was a catch. In order to obtain their super amazing gift that their Kuya/Ate left for them, they had to write their name if their butt. Many adings were confused and some were hesitant. Everyone ended up writing their names with their butts and even wrote em with other adings. On Tuesday, adings had to choose between two choices, either sing their favorite song for 20 seconds or climb the infamous rock and yell “I LOVE MY KUYA OR ATE” as loud as they can. On the third and final day of gifts and clues, KAAMP decided to give the adings a break and just give them the gift without a challenge. Lucky them. On Thursday, Revealing Day, adings met up at the SU patio and received their fam names. It was a good way for adings to meet and bond with other adings in their fam and walk together to meet their Kuya/Ate. While the adings were getting situated at the SU, Kuyas and Ates wait patiently in two lines at the A.S. Lawn. In order for the adings to find their Kuya/Ate, they have to find a square picture of themselves taped on their Kuya/Ate. Watch out for a KAAMP Revealing Week video. Check out the Flickr!

Have you read the latest Ano! article? Check it out at the table or better yet click here!

Check out the August and September Recap Video! If you’ve been any of Akbayan’s events, you’re probably in it.



Ma”BOO”hay is this Saturday! You can buy your ticket at the table or online! Tickets will also be sold until intermission. Come and check out the artists above and also our vendors such as, Empire in the Air, Pop the Trunk, Lotuss, and Classic Loot!!!! Bring a friend :D Stay updated by joining the FB event
Authenticity BannerRAAP is also this Saturday! IF YOU’RE A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT OR A COLLEGE FRESHMAN, check out this FREE event which starts at 9AM. Through workshops you can learn about the different aspects of college and even hear the some experiences from college students. ALSO, if you go to this event, you can go to Ma”BOO”hay for only $5!!! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the RAAP tab on the main menu!Fill out the forms! Stay updated through the FB event page. *Free food will be provided*



  • DYK? On Nov. 2, 2009 Congress officially recognized October as Fil-Am History Month through the passing of the resolution H. RES. 780
  • DYK? Why October? The resolution cited that “the earliest documented proof of Filipino presence in the continental US was Oct. 18, 1587.”







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