In Case You Missed It: FG Practice, KAAMP Mixer, & the 1st Gen. Workshop


On September 2nd, 4th, & 9th, we had roll call workshops which were hosted by Louie Luat, Christeven Estrada, and Lorraine Bellin. Practices started September 11th at the Aerobics Room from 8-10 PM. In order to participate in Roll Call, you must print and fill out the Friendship Games Registration Form & Transportation Release and Waiver of Liability Form and turn them in by Tuesday at the table. The table will be located near the SU between two palm trees from 11AM-4PM.  Roll Call practice will be held at the Aerobics Room every Tuesday & Thursday from 8-10PM until FG.


Other than Roll Call practices, FG Games practice has also started. Practices will be held at Cesar Chavez Park on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 4:30-7:30PM. If you’re interested in participating in games, meet the coaches in front of the MLK library at 4:15! In order to participate in FG Games Practice, you must print and fill out the Friendship Games Registration Form & Transportation Release and Waiver of Liability Form and turn them in by Tuesday at the table. 

The FG package fee will be $40 with the SPUF  Ghostbusters Proton Pack prop but if you don’t want the SPUF prop, it’ll be $45. This fee also covers the $20 General Member fee and will carry over to the Spring semester.

There will be a SPUF meeting to learn the cheers on top of the Event Center every Monday night from 6-7PM.

Ading_Mixer-8526KAAMP Ading interviews started this week. If you’re an ading, and you haven’t signed up for an interview, please do it ASAP. Don’t forget to pay your general membership fee ($20) before your interview. Payments can be made in cash or check (made out to Akbayan SJSU) at the table! This Thursday, was the New Ading Mixer which was mandatory for adings to attend.  Adings mingled. Friendships were made. Check out the Flickr.

KAAMP Revealing is October 2nd, so save the date!


The first general workshop of the school year happened on Thursday as well. It was hosted by Kristine, Jerico, & Bernice (above). The workshop was about Taglish and Baybayin. Taglish is a mixture betweeen Tagalog and English while Baybayin is the ancient Filipino script.

Taglish Example: “Anak, did you ligo yet? You’re baho na!”

Translation: “My child, did you shower yet? You stink!”

Below is a chart from Ugat Clothing for Baybayin and a video on a song called ABAKADA by FLORANTE. The song goes along with the alphabet and it’ll help you remember it! The song starts at 2:03.




The first Internship meeting of the year happened on Monday! Meetings will be held at DMH 149B every Monday from 5-6PM. If you’re interested in joining Internship, contact Heidi at 


Intramurals! On Friday, AK Blitz had a football scrimmage game at the Tailgating Field. Come support them next Friday at 5PM. Also, AK Spikerz and AK Hittaz are going head to head at the Hack Room in the Event Center on Monday at 8:15PM. Support them as well!!! If you’re interested in playing volleyball, contact Nick at

Authenticity Banner  maboohayflyer

 ATTENTION! If you’re interested in becoming a leader for RAAP or participating in it, email Jerico and Kristine at For more information on RAAP, check out the RAAP tab! If you’re in RAAP, you get a discount on your Ma”BOO”hay ticket which happens to be on the same day! Presales for Ma”BOO”hay are still going on. To buy tickets online, click here. Email Bernice at for more information.

Join our FB event pages to stay updated!


Check out the Ano! & Flickr

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