This Week In Akbayan!


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Join us on April 25th and 26th for Akbayan of San Jose State University’s 26th Annual Pilipino Culture Night: Barrio 2 Bayou! PCN 2014 celebrates 26 years of Akbayan SJSU’s continuous effort to enrich the campus and surrounding communities with the melting pot that is the Philippine culture. The student-run production blends a theatrical play with Philippine folk arts and music, as well as other student performances.
Presale tickets are $12 for students with a valid school I.D. and $15 general admission will be available until April 24. At the door, tickets are $15 for students with a valid school I.D. and $18 for general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the Akbayan recruitment table at San Jose State University and online @
Contact for group rates (10+ attendees)
For both nights, the doors open at 5:30 PM and the show will begin at 6:00 PM.
See flyer(s) for additional information.
Ann Dela Cruz
PCN Coordinator, Akbayan SJSU
(408) 597-7718
Hidee Reyes
President, Akbayan SJSU
(510) 449-4493
Mia Guevarra / Britt Coyne
Public Relations Officers, Akbayan SJSU
Purchase presale tickets in the Art Quad Monday-Thursday from 11AM-4PM
You can also check the following websites for updates: – Official PCN Tumblr Website – Akbayan SJSU’s official website

Community Service Opportunity!

Every Sunday, members of Akbayan go to Northside Community Center and either help serve food to the seniors or dance with the seniors! Feel free to join us. Contact Nick or Cliff at:
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Akbayan Prime interns is proud to bring back to you all. PENNY WARS 2014, a battle of the sexes.

Q: What is Penny Wars?
A: Penny Wars is a fundraiser involving a friendly competition between the boys and the girls.

Q: What are we fundraising for?
A: The money goes towards the End of the Year Banquet.

Q: Where can I donate?
A: The jugs can always be found at the Akbayan Table during regular operating hours, as well as at any Akbayan Event.

Penny Wars Fundraiser Rules:

Boys VS Girls

Pennies count as 1 positive point . Coins and cash counts as negative points. For example, if a boy puts a quarter in the girls money jug, that would be negative 25 points. The winner is the team who has the most positive points.

The winner/loser reward/consequence will be determined by Tuesday March 11, 2014.