KAAMP Deadline is today! Here are some key things you need to know!

Hello all! With KAAMP Sign-Ups going underway, I just wanted to clarify some things people may be confused on:


  • The absolute LAST DAY to sign up for KAAMP is this Sunday, February 9th by 11:59 p.m.

  • If I do not have your name listed in attendance for one of the info nights or you didn’t e-mail me in advance that you could not attend one of the info nights, you are not permitted into the program even if you do sign up online.

  • Interview sign-ups are for prospective Adings ONLY–it is not intended for Kuyas and Ates. If you do not sign up for an interview you are not getting one.

    • Only three people at a time are permitted at each time slot. The tabs for the different days of interview slots available are located at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

  • If you are new to the program, you must become an Ading first. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable becoming an Ading first, please e-mail me and we can try to work something out.

  • KAAMP Surveys must be printed and filled out on your own time. If you are an Ading you will need to turn it in at your interview. If you are a Kuya/Ate you will need to submit it at the Akbayan table (located in the Art Quad unless otherwise stated) by Tuesday, Feb. 18th.

  • Your $20 general membership fee must be paid:

    • A) If you are an Ading, it must be paid by the day of your scheduled interview.

    • B) If you are a Kuya/Ate, it must be paid by Tuesday, Feb. 18th.

  • Fall ‘13 Adings cannot pick up this semester.

  • KAAMP Revealing Week is Feb. 24-27, with KAAMP Revealing being on the 27th. More details will be announced through e-mail.


Please e-mail kaamp@akbayansjsu.org if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you!