Friendship Games!

6 more days until the big day! Are you ready?! You can never compare your first friendship games to your future ones! If it’s your first time going, brace yourselves because you’re in for a ride! You will meet people who you’ve never met before and you’ll make friends who you thought you’d never be friends with. Friendship Games is intense. Don’t take it lightly but don’t let it scare you either. You’re not there for the after party, you’re there to represent your team. Akbayan is working hard for one of the biggest events of the semester. At Friendship Games, Akbayan and many other college organizations meet up at Fullerton to compete. The main aspects of these competitions are Roll Call, Games, and SPUF! Roll Call is the introduction of our school, this can be presented through dance and skits. The next aspect is Games, here there are competitions between colleges involving extreme picnic games! This includes Alpine, Groundhog, Nasty, Conveyor Belt, and Tidal Wave. SPUF, the last and biggest aspect of Friendship Games is the pride and spirit we show for San Jose. SPUF stands for Spirit, Pride, Unity, and Friendship. Be prepared for one of the biggest events of the semester!