Hell Week! 4 Days until PCN!


PCN 2013 cast has spent almost two months prepping for the show and it’s coming together real well!  

“Hang your costumes if possible and use a garment bag if you own one! We don’t want wrinkled skirts/shirts/etc during show time. During hell week, you will be in your costume every night so be mindful and take care of your props and costumes. &Please try your best to keep all your belongings as neat as possible ESPECIALLY since our hell week will be at different venues that have extremely limited space.”  -Ann De La Cruz


Hell Week Schedule

Monday 04/22: 5PM-9PM @ Grace Baptist Church
Tuesday 04/23: 9PM-12AM @ Nor-Cal Dance Arts
Wednesday 04/24: 9PM-12AM @ Nor Cal Dance Arts

Grace Baptist Church is located on the corner of 11th and San Fernando
NorCal Dance Arts address is as follows:
1939 Monterey Road
San Jose, CA

Please arrange ride systems for yourselves, but if you need a ride ask a Cabinet member!

We will be meeting at the ATMs at 4:30 to walk across the street to the practice area tomorrow. It’s literally across the street. See you guys there, and let’s do work this week!

Also, everyone who has not paid their PCN cast fee yet will be receiving an email soon. Remember that if you do not turn in your fees by showtime, we will not be able to let you perform on the day of the show.

– Christian