PCN Practices, Mandatory Meeting, and Community Conference


Mandatory Meeting

There is a absolutely, 100% mandatory meeting on Monday and Tuesday. Each meeting is in Central Classroom Building Room 301 from 7pm until 8 pm.

 Be sure to attend one of the two meetings. It is important that you all are there to learn about important things like the cast fee.

 We will also do a brief read of the script! If you are unable to attend either, please contact a Cabinet or Core member so we can send you information later.

 We are all truly excited for auditions and look forward to seeing you share your talents with us!

 Once again of you have any questions about acting feel free to contact the director, Jonathan (J.J.) Juntado via email at jjuntado@gmail.com, call/text him at 650-922-4910, or shoot him a Facebook message


-Christian Borromeo, PCN Coordinator


Community Conference

The topic we will be looking at is the importance of knowing one’s history or heritage.

As a part of this conference, there will be a discussion aspect and we would love to have all of you join us and hear your opinons!

If there any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Ian at Community@akbayansjsu.org!