Elite Interns Begin Shadowing Process



The internship program at Akbayan SJSU allows its members to dive deeper into running our organization.  We strive to equip our interns with transferable skills that they can take into the work field, a strong resume, professionalism, and life-long friendships.  As interns, they work alongside cabinet to gain skills and decide whether they would like to run for cabinet themselves the following semester.  This week our interns are beginning a shadowing process where they will learn the ins and outs of how each cabinet member works their position.  Interns select their desired position (such as media, treasurer, KAAMP coordinator, president, etc) and will attend to several tasks given by their cab mentors.  This process will open your eyes and stretch you to reach your full potential. Good luck to you all Elite interns!


Announcements for this week:

Monday: Acting Workshop 5:00

Tuesday: Cultural Workshop Aerobics Rm 8-11pm 

Choir Workshop 6:00-7:50pm Mus 250

Wednesday: Cultural Workshop Studio 8-11pm

Thursday: Modern Workshop 8-11pm