Hello all Kuyas, Ates and Adings!!!

It’s that time of the year again!! KAAMP Spirit Week is here to lead up to the oh-so anticipated KAAMP THANKSGIVING!!

For KAAMP Spirit Week this year, there will be a spirit contest between the families. In order to win, members of each fam must dress in the day’s theme. Then it is recommended that the fam come together dressed in that theme to take a picture for proof of their participation. 36R.O.O.T.S. will decide which fam showed the most spirit! The winning family

will get to eat first at Thanksgiving!KAAMP Family Day: Tuesday, Novemeber 13
Show off your family’s steeze (style) by repping your FAM! Wear anything related or anything that has to do with your fam. Then gather everyone to take a picture at the table!KAAMP Sports Day: Wednesday, November 14
SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS! Get your family to rock anything sports related, such as jerseys, jackets, sweaters, World Series tees, etc. Get creative with it! Make your own fam jersey! Have your whole fam get matching shirts! Do ya thaaang!KAAMP Akbayan Day: Thursday, November 15
Let’s show our campus our AKBAYAN SPIRIT! Have your fam wear any past Akbayan shirts, such as FG shirts, General Member shirts, PCN shirts, etc. Have some fun with this one yall! Sew PCN and FG shirts together to be unique! Show your creativity!

KAAMP Thanksgiving: Friday, November 16
This is one of the most enjoyable and heart-warming events for KAAMP. All families will get together to share a meal with each others as ONE HUGE AKBAYAN FAMILY.

Heres the important info you MUST READ:

Dress Code: Unison with your family (i.e. fancy fam will dress fancy)
Time: 6PM – 10PM
Location: Roosevelt Community Center – 901 East Santa Clara Street, San Jose, CA 95116
Entrance: This is a potluck. SO you MUST bring an ENTREE for an ENTRY. You can collab with up to 5 people to bring an entree that feeds 20 PEOPLE. Examples of entrees include a tray of fried chicken, 3 orders of mashed potatoes from KFC, tray of fried rice, tray of spam musubi, etc. AGAIN, NO ENTREE, NO ENTRY.

Music will be provided by TWO TONS!

For more information, contact Warren at kaamp@akbayansjsu.org.