Friendship Games

The journey has come to an end..San Jose went hard during Friendship Games.  In total, we had 203 participants.  We won first place in Games but ended up second in the Final Rampage against Fullerton.  We all put our hearts out into this one day, this one event.  The passion to dig deeper during games practice, to stay longer during SPUF prop building, go harder during Role Call, and to cheer louder down in Socal lead San Jose to “win by a mile”.  A great thank you to all who’ve joined us and became Vikings!  Remember that if you apply this much passion into anything you’ll do, you’ll receive results.



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Here’s a few words from our head games coach and head coordinator (taken from facebook):

No matter what happens. No matter how much we don’t talk or see each other, we will always be friends. Not acquaintances or strangers that greet each other. Our friendship is not based on meeting at a party and having a good time, or anything traditional like that. Our friendship is based on something so much more than that. All of you come from different backgrounds, different interests, and hobbies. Yet, you all came together and gave who were once strangers to you everything you are, all for the common goal to win friendship games. Our friendship is based on the hardships we went through together in 2 months time for ONE DAY of competition. This is a bond that can’t be replaced nor broken.

You have no idea how much I wanted that trophy for you all. It meant so much more to us than anyone there. It was so much more than a trophy to us. Games Team, you are my trophy. Cliché and corny, but true. I demanded your everything and you gave me your best. Last Saturday, I demanded your best and you gave me more than that. I made a promise, and we as a team, kept that promise. We won games. Never has SJSU scored that many points in Games. To everyone else, 2012 will be remembered as the year SJSU won 2nd place. I ask you, as one last request as your coach speaking to my team, that you remember it the way I am…

Friendship Games 2012 was the year that San Jose State University WON BY A MILE. 

Will SJSU ever win Games again??.. Hell yea. Will there ever be a team better than ours??.. possibly. BUT, there will never be another 2012 Games Team. I love you all and I thank you for everything. 

Anthony (Games Coach)

I can go on and on about this weekend, but I just want to thank all of you, like I always have. It wasn’t me that got that trophy, it was all of YOU. You guys put in the work, you guys shitted on everyone in games, you guys cheered games on and SPUFed your hearts out. All I did was got you guys together and have my core guide you guys till the end. 

So I can’t emphasize enough, THANK YOU! I’ve never felt so much support, so much pride, and so much love from a huge group of people who I’ve just met. Thanks for the memories, my FG2K12 fam. This is definitely not the end ♥

-Hidee (Friendship Games 2012 Coordinator and Social Chair)