Filipino Heritage Month

October is Filipino Heritage and History month and Akbayan wants to share with you!  We are kicking off this month with a general workshop about the Veteranos from WWII.  We’ll be learning about what they’ve done for the war and how the government has robbed them from the money they were promised from serving.  Come by for the workshop this Thursday at 4:30 in the Almaden Room located in the Student Union.  The following Saturday we will have our Bataan Memorial March in honor of these Veteranos as well as our loved ones.  Come hike up Mission Peak with us at 9:00am!  It is required that you fill out a waiver form to hike.  For the form, contact Ian Zamora at or come to the general workshop.


Also, here’s a blog that covers some of the history of the Filipinos who have traveled from the homeland to the US

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The month of October is Filipino-American Heritage and History Month here in the states, and as a celebration of it, every day this month Pinoy-Culture will post information on Filipino-American history and events as well as info on our cultures and history. It is also Indigenous People Month in the Philippines as well so you will also see info on the indigenous groups in the Philippines. So come join and celebrate the month of October, which is a month in celebration of our Filipino heritage and history.

Day One:Filipino’s were the first Asians to arrive in the U.S.

On October 18, 1587, a group of Luzones Indios became the first Asians in the written history of what is now called the United States of America to have set foot on its soil. Captain Pedro de Unamuno landed in California and with him were Luzones Indios who were among the crew and landing party of the Spanish galleon, Nuestra Señora de Buena Esperanza.  Many believe the location to be Morro Bay. Others, however, question the exact location of their landing. Although the precise location is still being debated by historians, what is unquestioned is the fact that these Luzones Indios were part of the crew that sailed the western part of these vast continents.

On November 6, 1595, Filipino sailors were also aboard the San Agustin, commanded by Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno, when it shipwrecked near Point Reyes by the mouth of San Francisco Bay in California. In 1763, the country has learned of the Manila Men and their 50 year old village at Saint-Malo in one of the bayous of Paroisse Plaquemine (the Civil Parish of Plaquemine), on the outskirts of New Orleans. Lafcadio Hearn wrote about these Manila Men on the national magazine Harper’s Weekly on March 31, 1883. On August 10, 1779, Fray Junipero Serra of the California Mission in Monterey confirmed Vicente Tallado, indio de la Panpangua en Philipinas, marinero.

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