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Congratulations to the cast and crew for an amazing PCN! If you have any photos and videos you would like posted up on our website, e-mail media@akbayansjsu.org PCN photos are up on our flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/akbayansjsu/sets/72157629591318078/


Elections are here! Come out and see who you want to lead Akbayan next year.

May 4 Election Speeches
Location and Time: ENG 343 at 11:00am
It is all candidates’ last chance to share their reasons for wanting to be on cabinet. Everyone is invited to hear the speeches.

May 4-10 Voting Process
All paid and registered members are eligible to vote for the candidates they see who will best represent and lead Akbayan in the upcoming school year. Voting can be done after speeches, at the table, any Akbayan events, and through email at elections@akbayansjsu.org.

Exclusive Intern’s End of the Year Banquet

Come and end the school year great by coming to Akbayan’s End of the Year Banquet hosted by your Exclusive Interns. Hang out with all your new friends you have met throughout this year. If you are also a part of the KAAMP program, this will be a great time to also hang out with your KAAMP family before the year ends.

This year’s End of the Year Banquet theme is Masquerade, so don’t forget your mask.

When: Friday, May 11 at 5:30pm – 10pm

Where: Filipino Community Center, 636 N 6th St., San Jose, Ca. 95112

General Member of the Month


Abegail Cariaso

Last semester I didn’t really like Akbayan.  As a student who wasn’t active, I saw it as a repeat of high school where are the “cool kids” got together and flaunted how cool they were.  I joined KAAMP and went to a couple of meetings but that’s about it because I was pretty busy with academics and I wanted to avoid feeling awkward amongst the cliques.  Being an intern this semester has changed my views about the org in so many ways.  From the first meeting I attended, I saw that the other interns were welcoming and I seemed to fit in right away. I also liked how some interns give it their all in order to get the best results.  Their ambition has fueled me to use my God given talents to benefit the org.  What changed my views most drastically was the visit to Little Manila.  During the trip I learned about the struggles the first Filipino immigrants faced coming to America, and I was captivated by the articles of clothing and magazines from the 30’s that were preserved.  I really enjoy being a part of Akbayan because of the friendships I’ve made, how I’m able to exercise my design skills, and how I’m finally getting in touch with my cultured roots.  It’s an honor to be member of the month.


Ian Zamora

With my experiences as an exclusive intern of Akbayan, they’ve helped with my personal development and the knowledge of my culture. I’ve been involved with Filipino organizations since I was a freshman in high school and was the president of my Filipino organization at my old high school. Now that I’m in Akbayan, this organization has given me so many memories, friendships, and opportunities. If I didn’t meet my kuya Ansel Modesto, the internship coordinator of Akbayan, I don’t know where I would be. He’s guided me through my time in college and helped me when I’ve needed him. I also want to thank my exclusive intern family. I don’t know what I’d do without you guys.