Weekly updates

Anting-Anting Workshop

The anting-anting, a Philippine amulet, is an essential part of the Filipino folklore, mythology, and religion. Join us as we learn about these artifacts, and even make some ourselves! This cultural workshop will be in the Guadalupe Room in the Student Union starting at 4PM!

Relay for Life

Join Akbayan and participate in the 2012 Relay for Life, which benefits the American Cancer Society. This year’s Relay for Life will take place at Santa Clara University on Friday, April 20th until Saturday, April 21st. Come join Akbayan in the fight for cancer! Contact team captain Jesse Barbon for more details or sign up directly through the link: http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY12National?fr_id=40045&pg=teamlist

Alumni Potluck

Pilipino Culture Night

Tickets are still on sale at our table M-Th, 10am-4pm OR on the ‘event tickets‘ tab above!
  • Student $12
  • General Admission $15
  • Preferred Seating* $20
*Best seats in the house. No need to wait in line. Limited Availability. Pre-Sale Only!

Prices go up after April 20th (this Friday) so purchase your tickets ASAP!


Cast registration fees are due today (April 18th). The cast fee is $50, and increases by $5 after today.

Open Mic

The final Open Mic of the year will be on April 30th at 8:00pm in the SJSU Chapel. If you would like to perform sign up at the table or email community@akbayansjsu.org with the following:

Name of performer(s):
Contact Information (Phone number and email):
Type of performance (Spoken word, singing, rap, dance, etc.):
Duration of performance (No more than 10 minutes):
Any accommodations needed (Number of microphones, amplifiers, etc.):

Constitutional Amendments

Cabinet will be voting on new amendments to the constitution this Thursday at the cabinet meeting at 430PM. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the new changes, we welcome you to present them at the cabinet meeting before we vote on the changes. The venue is tentative, please e-mail president@akbayansjsu.org for any other questions. Amendment Press Release

Cabinet Elections

The year is coming to an end and it’s almost time to form a new cabinet for the 2012-2013 school year! If you are interested in running for a position, keep the following dates in mind.

April 23 – 27 Nominations start
Nominate anyone who you think is eligible and you think will be able to lead Akbayan for the next school year. Those nominating must be a paid and registered member. Nominations are taken at the table, Akbayan events, and through email at elections@akbayansjsu.org

April 28-29 Contact Nominees
The Vice-President and President will be contacting those who were nominated by phone, email, or facebook.

April 30 at 11:59pm Decision for Candidacy Ends/Last day to accept candidacy

May 1 Promotions and Programs Debate
SCI 142 at 6:00pm
Those running for Promotions and Programs positions will have a chance to debate with other candidates running for the same position

May 2 Pillars and Executive Board Debate
BBC 204 at 6:00pm
Those running for Pillars and Executive Board positions will have a chance to debate with other candidates running for the same position

May 4 Election Speeches
Location and Time TBA
It is all candidates’ last chance to share their reasons for wanting to be on cabinet.

May 4-10 Voting Process
All paid and registered Akbayan members are eligible to vote for the candidates they see who will best represent and lead Akbayan in the upcoming school year. Voting can be done after speeches, at the table, any Akbayan events, and through email at elections@akbayansjsu.org