This Week in Akbayan

KAAMP Revealing Week

Calling all Kuyas and Ates picking up an Ading this semester: All this week, come by the the AkbayanSJSU table at the Art Quad to leave your clue for your ading! Do your best to drop off your clue before 12pm.

New Adings! Come by the AkbayanSJSU table at the Art Quad from 12-4pm to pick up your clue!

On Thursday, Come to the AkbayanSJSU General Meeting to get an idea of who your pairs might be. Following the meeting, head on over and group up at the Art Quad and as a group we will make our way to the AS Lawn to find out who your Kuya/Ate is!

PCN Practices begin this week!

If you have been cast into the Cultural aspect, you should have received an e-mail regarding the suite you’ve been cast into as well as the practice times. These practices are mandatory! If you are not able to attend practices, please contact Jeffrey Monje ( ASAP!

General Meeting

Thursday, March 1st is our second general meeting, led by none other than the Exclusive Interns! The theme of the general meeting is Chismis in the Home. Join us as the Interns lead us into topics such as the Filipino Family and Mental & Physical Health!

AK Assassin

If you have signed up and paid to play AK Assassin, check your e-mails for your first target! If you have not received an e-mail, please send a message to Samantha Manklang at

Monday Feb. 27th, the special safe zone item is a hat attached to your hip. As long as you have this safe zone item, you cannot be assassinated! However, the hat must be at your hip to be in effect.

The complete rules of the game can be found HERE. Don’t forget your spoons!