Updates Updates Updates!

Guess what’s coming up at the end of this week… FRIENDSHIP GAMES!! Hope everyone’s as excited and fired up as we are, but there are a few things that still need to be taken care of before the big day:


If you are going to Friendship Games with SJSU, you MUST attend one of the two info nights we’ll be having this week. Important information such as hotel situations, rides, waiver forms, what to wear, etc. will be discussed and all questions you may have will be answered there. If you do not attend one meeting, you can’t go to Friendship Games. If you absolutely cannot attend, contact Sam at social@akbayansjsu.org

There are two info nights that you can attend.
Monday, October 17, 2011 – @7pm in Science 142
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 – @7pm in Science 142

SPUF still needs your help in building stuff. Contact our social chair Sam [social@akbyansjsu.org] for rides and more info.

Aside from Friendship Games, we still have plenty of events coming up such as the Bataan Memorial Hike(below), our school supply drive ending this week and the 4th general meeting of the semester on October 27, 4:30PM at the Almaden room. Also, be sure to note down upcoming dates in December, such as PCN info nights, cultural workshops, and KAAMP Thanksgiving!

Finally, we’ve uploaded tons of pictures from past events we’ve had. Check them out at the pictures tab under media on this website, or simply click here. We’re still working on getting pictures from our 3rd general meeting, games/roll call practices, AK Blitz games, and KAAMP Revealing, so keep checking back for updates on that. We’ll also be uploading some more performances from our recent Ma”BOO”Hay Talent Showcase and Open Mic.

Have a great day!