Volunteer for BayArea Fashion Week!

Akbayan is working together with the staff of BayArea Fashion Week to run the operations side of the show. If you want to get to know Bay Area Fashion Week better, here’s their website: bayareafashionweek.com. We are looking for volunteers and interns to help with the pre-production phase and the day of the show!

Here’s the positions that are available:

1. Production Assistant – They will help me with any events leading up to show and assist me or any staff member for any various duties during the show.
2. Production Intern – Same as production assistant position, also will be assisting producers and the overall director with the pre-production duties of the event. This will include promotional and marketing recommendations, department coordination, and secretarial duties.On the day of the show, assist with any various duties.
3. Inventory Control – On the day of the event, you will be assigned to monitor racks of clothes and products to make sure nothing is lost and at the end of the show that all products are returned and accounted for.
4. Ushers – On the day of the event, you will be assigned to issue out credentials for the event and be a source of information for individuals attending the event. You will also control the flow and admittance into the event.

The show will be held on Saturday, September 24.

If you’re interested, please contact me (Sharoleen) by my email: sharoleenamigable@gmail.com or president@akbayansjsu.org or by my phone number: 408-887-1049.

Thanks! :)

Sharoleen Amigable
President 2011-2012
Akbayan Pilipino-American Organization of SJSU