Elections 2011

Hello all! Hope you guys are having an absolutely fabulous weekend. Akbayan is just about wrapping up the year and we wanted to take the time to remind of you Elections! Elections happened yesterday (Friday), at BBC 004. For those who could attend, our Media Team has been working hard to get their speeches to you in a timely fashion. That being said, please take the time to look over the candidate’s speeches: Akbayan Elections

There are too many candidates to list in one post, but you can find most of their speeches in the link provided above. Unfortunately, we missed Edward’s speech for Media & Publications.

Promotions Speeches


Programs Speeches


Pillars Speeches


Executive Board Speeches


Ballots have been sent via email to those who qualify to vote. If you believe you have the right to vote and did not get ballot, please sent an email to elections@akbayansjsu.org.