Akbayan presents… Such A Sweet Sorrow: A Romeo and Juliet Affair

It’s that time of year for Akbayan’s Winter Formal? “Such a Sweet Sorrow” will be a Romeo and Juliet themed night filled with fun, food, and dance!

We are putting a special promotion for tickets!

We are putting up a special promotion for tickets! Tickets will be sold for $45 a person to the first 90 people.

Once this promotion is over Singles tickets will be for $50 and Couples tickets will be $90.

Tickets will be sold starting November 18th at our 5th General Meeting, 4:30 – 6:00 at the Costanoan Room!!! From then till two days before the event, we will be selling tickets at the Akbayan Table.

Bring a date! Go with a bunch of friends! And we hope to see you at “Such a Sweet Sorrow”