Get Ready!

Guess what?
Spring Semester 2010 is starting soon, and Akbayan can not wait to show what we have in store for all of you! Trust us, it’s going to be an exciting time, but before quickly jumping into the new semester there are a few opportunities that any of you can take part in, and here they are:

Internship Program
Yes, Akbayan’s internship program will still be open to interested members, but we will only be taking in a limited amount, so don’t miss out! For the first time in Akbayan’s internship history, there will be an internship orientation held before the start of the semester. Come learn about what the internship program has to offer by meeting the internship coordinator and also O.N.E Cab officers. You will also be able to participate in workshops and learn about important campus resources!

* What: Akbayan Internship Orientation
* Location: BBC 105
* Time: 12:00PM-6:00PM

Can’t make it, but still interested in becoming part of the internship program? Have no fear! Just contact Akbayan’s intern coordinator Danreb Victorio at danreb@gmail. com

Akbayan Member T-Shirt Design Contest
The look out for the new Akbayan Member T-Shirt Design is still out there, and anyone can send in a design. There are no boundaries as to what you can do!!! Just turn your design in to akbayan_tshirt@ by February 1st! Votes will be done by Akbayan members! **CHANGE PROCESS OF VOTING***Instead of an online poll, Akbayan members will be able to vote at the Akbayan table and/or at Open House. There can only be one vote per member.

Ingrid Mapanao
Maria Eugenio
Akbayan Public Relations 2009-2010
Have a great day =)