KA-mmunity KA-llective

Akbayan is presenting its “Ka-mmunity Ka-llective” also known as Community Conference, to all of our members. Similar to the R.A.A.P. Conference, this event will be addressing topics such as: Injustice through the system, awareness of our voting rights, and Spoken word artists. Ka-mmnity Ka-llective is tailored towards College students and is meant to be an educational process to motivate everyone to take an active part in the community! There will also be a panel of distinguished guest speakers reviewing issues like: activism, social and communal affairs, and further discussion questions.

We highly encourage everyone to attend this event. Nowadays amidst our chaotic college and work schedules we barely have time to turn on the news let alone read the newspapers! Ka-mmunity Ka-llective can allow you to get in touch with the community at large and the many issues that will soon affect us. Tell all of your friends too, this is a great opportunity you don’t want to miss!