The Adventures of Akbayan Girl

Hey everyone! Hopefully you’re all getting excited for Pilipino Cultural Night! As the big night draws nearer and nearer so does the deadline for sponsorship/ad submissions. Remember that if you want to sing, dance, run as a stage crew member, or act during PCN, you’ll have to first get in your waiver form and your $50 minimum in ads by March 19th.

the following page is from the upcoming March issue of Ano! click it for higher resolution


Remember that you have lots of options for your requirement. You can:

– Go to a business and ask them if they’d like to advertise ( their restaurant/business/services, etc) in a program that will be viewed by over 1000 audience members. (You’d then get their payment and their ad and bring both to Akbayan)

– Ask a friend or family member to make a page/half page/quarter page for you along with a money donation. (where they’d make something like “Congratulations, Bob, on a fabulous performance! *inside joke inside joke* we love you! love, sue and bobette. etc.”

-Make your own page/half page/quarter page and put whatever you want in the program. (Make a message for your friends or put in whatever you’d like, along with the money donation)

There are lots of other methods in getting your requirement done, but just remember not to be late! Remember that it is your responsibility to get that minimum amount in, as the production is a very costly event that requires lots of fundraising and effort to get put on.


If you sell over $75 worth of ads, you get an Akbayan PCN t-shirt for free! This is the shirt that everyone is going to get and have to pay for, so you might as well get yours for free!

If you get the most ads out of everyone in the PCN cast, you win a brand new Ipod Touch! This isn’t very hard to do, as most people are just going to stick to collecting the minimum requirement. Just stop by 2 businesses, ask them to sponsor you, and you earn yourself the ipod! You’ll even get the t-shirt too, and this is all without costing you a cent!

Happy ad collecting!