Akbayan-Mabuhay Mentorship: Let’s do it for the kids.

Do you know who the Mabuhay Cultural Club of Independence High School is?
Well, here you go, then.

The young members of Mabuhay Cultural Club of Independence High School view us, the members of Akbayan of SJSU, as their Kuyas and Ates, or older brothers and sisters. Since 2005, Mabuhay’s repertoire for their annual Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) is modeled after our very own; we should be proud to serve as examples for our “little sister” high school organization who coordinates such large-scale productions. A few of our very own Mas Malakas Interns and AK13 are recent alumni of MCC and we are very glad to have them pursue their college careers as members and leaders of Akbayan. MCC is currently working through a hectic PCN schedule just as Akbayan will be; the students may struggle and have less guidance or stability than we college students acquainted ourselves with, as well as balancing school, socializing and work. This is when the role of the Mentor is necessary.

It is understandable that we all have busy schedules that are not completely compatible with those of high school students, which is why KAAMP is formulating a Penpal system in order to effectively communicate with our Adings of MCC, as opposed to setting up formal meetings to spend physical time together. Similar to the semester mentorship program we conduct, Kuyas and Ates are individually assigned to high school Adings in order to serve as work/academic/life mentors and achieve lasting relationships. It takes patience and practice, but we all have our specialties in serving as good role models for those who haven’t discovered their niche in the environment in which they work and play.
In the case of the high schoolers, we can serve as role models for them, especially in the case that they would choose to follow a higher education. Every week, we will write letters or emails to our individually-assigned Adings, as they will write back to us. This Penpal program is not possible without those willing to participate! Letters will not be monitored, but common courtesy should imply that we will follow all appropriate subjects with our Adings, especially until we establish and maintain comfortably personal (as well as professional) relationships with them.

More info to come, but if you are interested in having an Ading from MCC of Independence High School, please send an email to akbayankamp@gmail.com with “MCC Penpals 08” in the subject line and send the following information:

First & Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:

Remember: we’re doing it for the kids this semester. I encourage you all to take this opportunity to be even more than part of an organization who set the framework for their showcase, but an organization who helps pave the way for their future in the real world.


– Christine Abriam
KAAMP Coordinator 07-08