Happy 08′!

Happy 2008 from Akbayan! Hope you’re ready for the smorgasbord of fun social, political, and cultural events we’ve got planned out for semester, including poker night, KAAMP BBQ, Dancing With the Seniors, Kareoke Night, Date Auction, Academic Workshop, Speed Dating, Fashion Show, PCN, and much more!


Friendship Games Video Pt. 2

The second half of the FSG07′  slideshow is up. Rekindle the memories of our awesome times in SoCal. THIS. IS. SPARTA!!! Also, pictures from formal are now in the photos section.

General Meetings

To kick off the new year, we our first meeting on Tuesday (not Thursday as they usually are,) February 5th from 4:30PM-6PM, located in the Student Union.

After that, Akbayan will be host a general meeting every other thursday of the month. Mark your calendars for gen. meetings on:

February 21
March 6
March 20
April 10
April 24
and May 8

Because the dates are somtimes  subject to change, you should check the website for updates on events as they near. Also if you’re unsure about something, come by the Akbayan table and ask a cab member. Also, if a room is changed signs will be placed throughout the student union to notify you of where you should go. Also, there’s an electronic sign at the main entrance that will display where Akbayan’s meeting is.

See you all there!